Python RFM Model for Customer Segmentation

RFM is a method used for segmenting and analyzing customer lifetime value. It is used in direct-to-consumer marketing, retail stores, e-commerce companies & professional service companies to derive the engagement strength and the likelihood of customers staying with the company for the long term. You’d be surprised to see the revenue generated by your returning … Read more

Demystifying Cohort Analysis

cohort analysis

TLDR; Retention is the ability to drive customers to continue buying/getting engaged. Churn is the rate at which customers stop buying/getting engaged. Less churn and more retention = scale The tool used to analyze retention & churn: Cohort Analysis Cohorts are user groups that share common characteristics over a certain period of time or event. … Read more

Marketing Metrics toolkit

Marketing Metrics Toolkit

Unlocking Your Marketing Symphony Ever thought of your marketing strategy as a grand symphony? Imagine each metric as a musical note, blending together to create a unique tune. For startups, it’s like cooking up leads – website traffic and conversion rates as your main ingredients. As your business grows, think of it like a changing … Read more

Bridging Insights for Business Impact

Data translators

In today’s data-driven landscape, analysts serve as the vital translators who bridge the gap between complex data and meaningful insights. Their role extends far beyond crunching numbers; they possess the unique ability to decipher intricate data sets and translate them into actionable recommendations that drive informed decision-making. Analysts are data translators who interpret, communicate, and … Read more

How to Find Purpose in Your Business Data


Data has become an integral part of our daily lives, with every click, swipe, and purchase generating valuable information that businesses can use to their advantage. However, not all businesses understand how to effectively use this data, and many struggle to find a purpose for it. In this post, we will discuss why finding a … Read more

Free SQL tools for practice

Sql tips

Ever wondered why learning SQL is like having a superpower as a data analyst? Well, picture this: SQL is like a magic wand that allows you to effortlessly navigate through massive data kingdoms, uncover hidden treasures of insights, and transform raw information into valuable business strategies. It’s your secret weapon in the world of data, … Read more